The Board works to create a unified strategic vision for the IOA and to identify specific goals and issues that need to be addressed.

The members of the IOA Board are interested in your concerns! Click on any member to send him or her an email.


Meet the IOA Board

Becky DeRuyter, O.D.

John Weihe, O.D. 
Past President

Brian Kirschling, O.D.

Randy Johnson, O.D.
Vice President

Jeff Neighbors, O.D.

Melissa Billings, O.D.
Board Trustee

Don Furman, O.D. 
Board Trustee

Mike Kruger, O.D.
Board Trustee

Jason Maasdam, O.D
Board Trustee

Keith Schrunk, O.D. 
Board Trustee

Ben Uhl, O.D. 
Board Trustee

Molly Walker, O.D.
Board Trustee